Tuesday, June 19, 2012

August Workshop - Curriculum Design: Dealing with Issues in Conversation Classes

3-5 pm Saturday August 18, 2012

Room 105 Injaeguan Center, Sookmyung Women's University

Do you struggle with curriculum choices in conversation classes? Do you have a hard time motivating low level students to talk? Is it difficult to make your classes enjoyable while still teaching the content that will be tested? Then this workshop just might be for you. These are some of the questions that will be discussed and hopefully solved during this interactive presentation.

Some other questions that will be considered/shared:
  • What is the role of the textbook in my class?
  • How is the curriculum designed in your language program? How can it be improved?
  • How do I incorporate other skills in conversation classes?
  • How do I come up with ideas/activities that will interest my students?
* Presentation File (.pptx)

Presenter Bio:
John Steele has been working in Korea for 10 years. Currently, he works at Chungang University in Seoul, teaching classes such as interview skills and essay writing. In addition, he is the workshop coordinator for the Seoul Chapter, and the newly appointed ASK editor. He is the proud owner of a three year old Boston terrier, and enjoys biking up and down the Han River.

There are three subway stations near the workshops location. In order of popularity, they are:

1. Line 4 (Light Blue)  Sookmyung Women's University Station.
Go out Exit 10 of Sookmyung Women’s University Subway Station line No. 4. Walk through the tunnel under the railway line *(Line 1 Dark Blue - see below), cross the main road, and walk up the hill towards the university.

Keep going up the hill until you come to a set of traffic lights. There is a bakery on the right corner, BBang Goom Teo (now a Watson's), and a cafĂ©, Can More, across the street. Turn right into the lane,Saem-gil, and walk uphill 150 m until you reach the Sookmyung Professional Center (Injaeguan). It’s a new grey stone building on the right, across the lane from a 'Buy the Way' convenience store. Workshops are in Room 105 on the first floor.

Note: The Sookmyung Professional Center is not on the main campus. If you reach the main campus, you have gone too far up the hill. If you cannot find the building, phone one of these numbers for directions.

2. Line 1 (Dark Blue) Namyeong Station.

This subway line is on elevated tracks near the university. At Exit 1, turn left. At the intersection turn right and follow the elevated train line until you reach the next light. At this location, the directions are the same as above following the asterisk (*).

3. Line 6 (Tan) Hyochang Park Station.

Leave by Exit 1 or 2 . Further details TBA.

If you have any difficulties reaching the workshop location call

010-6575-1214 (John Steele)


  1. It's time for a map update. The Chohung bank is now a Shinhan bank, and the bakery is now a Watson's.

    The Lingua Express is much further up the hill, and the parking entrance isn't even on that street.

    1. And Bbang Goom Teo Bakery is now Watsons.

    2. Thanks, Gloria. I'll be heading over there on Saturday for the workshop. I'll do a full accounting of of the new landmarks then and change the maps.

  2. Thanks, Joe. That was just pointed out to me by John Steele the other day. I'll have to head over there to check out the landmarks and change the map accordingly. I wish street view was up to date, then I could do it at a distance :)