Friday, December 30, 2011

February Workshop - Unconventional Resources in the EFL / ESL Classroom

Unconventional Resources in the EFL / ESL Classroom

3-5 pm Saturday February 18, 2012

Room 105 Injaeguan Center, Sookmyung Women's University

The principal objective of this workshop is to encourage teachers to take a critical look at the resources available to them to enhance English learning in the EFL or ESL classroom. In particular the workshop will look at alternatives to what teachers would consider to be conventional resources. In other words attendees will be asked to think outside the box.  When  we look at the whole question of classroom resources. Plus, thinking through ways that we can make our English lessons more interesting, and meaningful, for our students.

This workshop will also be very much activity based. Attendees will be expected to work in groups. The groups will be expected to offer creative solutions to a set of questions posed by the presenter. The workshop will aim to involve attendees in a lot of doing and thinking Consequently it will be designed to elicit maximum teacher interaction, and sharing of ideas.

This workshop is also designed to offer ideas that could be used at all levels of teaching. From young English learners, through to university, and mature adult levels.

Bruce Wakefield is currently an Assistant Professor/ Lecturer in the College English Program at the Kyonggi University Suwon Campus. He also teaches a writing class for the English Department. Bruce first taught EFL / ESL learners as a primary teacher in New Zealand in 1968. Since then he has amassed some 43 years of teaching experience. Bruce is the current President of Kotesols Seoul Chapter. Plus, he is also a KTT Trainer.

Bruce holds a Master in Education degree from Auckland University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Massey University. He is also an Associate of the New Zealand Educational Institute, the New Zealand primary school teachers organization. He may be contacted through     

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