Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seoul Chapter November Workshop - November 19, 2011

Cultural Conundrums in the Korean classroom
and how to overcome them.

3-5 pm Saturday November 19, 2011
Room 105 Injaeguan Center, Sookmyung Women's University

Sometimes English teachers may feel frustrated on how to deal with Korean culture in their classroom. They may feel puzzled on why students are reluctant to participate in class. In addition, students may seem alienated or uncertain on how to take part in learning settings that are student-centered instead of the traditional Korean teacher-centered environment.

Likewise, the hierarchical Confucian structure may create an imbalance of developing rapport between students and their educator. Moreover, issues of losing face and reticence can also increase the gulf between students and their instructor. Through my workshop, I will introduce specific cultural issues that lead to subtle clashes and how to effectively deal with them through cultural awareness. Also, I will highlight how student-centered activities can be used to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers between pupils and their teacher.

Robert M. Kim teaches at Kyonggi University (Suwon campus). He has extensive teaching experience with English language learners in Korea and America respectively. Robert has an MS TESOL degree from Hofstra University and a BA history and MA Liberal Studies degrees from SUNY Stony Brook.


If you like to plan ahead, consider joining us in December as well

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation (and Discipline)

 In the EFL Environment

3-5 pm Saturday December 10, 2011
Room 105 Injaeguan Center, Sookmyung Women's University

After a brief review of what intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are, and the four major schools of thought on motivation, we will look at some common problems encountered in the Korean EFL classroom and discuss some effective solutions for them based on both the attendees and the presenter’s experience. Participants will walk away with some (hopefully new) ideas for how to keep their students under control and on task during our often limited class time.


Tory S. Thorkelson (M.Ed in TESL/TEFL) is a proud Canadian who has been an active KOTESOL member since 1998 and has presented at or worked on many local and international conferences in Seoul. He is the Past President for Seoul Chapter and is an Associate Professor for Hanyang University’s English Language and Literature Department. He has co-authored research studies (see ALAK Journal, December 2001& June, 2003 as well as Education International September 2004 V1-2) and a University level textbook, “World Class English”, with a team of fellow Kotesol members published by Hakmun Publishing Inc. On a personal note, he married his Korean wife on July 6th, 2002 and has acted in local Drama Productions like “I Do Not Like Thee. Dr. Fell” and “A Christmas Carol – the Comedy” for The Seoul Players – a group he helped found in Seoul. His daughter, Jean, was born May, 2008 and he is now pursuing his Doctorate in Professional Studies from Middlesex University in the UK.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Call for Presenters
KOTESOL Seoul Chapter is seeking workshop type presentations for the
KOTESOL Seoul Chapter Conference, 31 March 2012
Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul
Students Finding Their Voices
Proposals should try to answer one of the following questions:
How do you help your students talk or find their English voices inside the classroom?
How do you help your students exercise their English voices outside the classroom?
How do you help your students find their voices in writing assignments?
How do you help your students to work together?
What practice tips for project work and use of technology could you share?
What are public school teachers doing to include more speaking and writing into their lessons?
Information for Presenters:
We welcome first time and experienced presenters!
ü  Your presentation should address students at the University OR  K-12 level.
ü  Presentations will be one of three types:
s   Regular Workshops(50 min. in length) – These address one of the questions above.
s   Pecha-Kucha (6 min. 40 sec. in length) – Presenters show 20 images in total and has only 20 seconds to describe each image for a total presentation time of 6:40.
s   Poster presentations – These may address the conference theme or questions.
ü  Presentation proposals should have a snappy title, be written in descriptive paragraph style, be at least 200 words in length, include biographical information with your most recent workplace and up-to-date cell number, email address and fit together on ONE A4 page and be in *.*.doc format.
How do you get your young learners to listen, speak and have fun?
The deadline for workshop proposals is at
5pm January 6th, 2012.
Send your proposal and a short biographical brief to

대한영어교육학회 서울지부

대한영어교육학회(KOTESOL) 서울지부에서는 아래 주제와 관련하여
발표자를 모십니다.

대한영어교육학회(KOTESOL) 서울지부 컨퍼런스
2012년 3월 31일, 숙명여자대학교 인재관

학생들의  영어 표현력 신장

1. 발표계획서는 다음과 같은 내용을 포함해야 합니다.
✔ 교실에서 학생들의 영어표현을 어떻게 이끌어내는가
✔ 교실에서 어떻게 학생들의 영어표현의 연습이 이루어지도록  할 것인가
✔ 학생들의 영어글쓰기를 어떻게 향상시킬 것인가?
✔ 어떻게 학생들의 협동능력을 향상시킬 것인가?
✔ 프로젝트 학습을 위한 멀티미디어 사용에 있어 나누고 싶은 본인만의 노하우는?
✔ 학생들의 말하기, 쓰기 신장을 위한 국,공립학교 영어교사들의 노력은 어떤 것들이 있는가?
✔ 학생들의 주의집중과 흥미로운 수업을 어떻게 운영할 것인가?

2. 2012년 1월 6일 오후 5시까지 발표계획서과 간단한 본인의 이력을 적어 이메일 주소로 보내주시면 감사하겠습니다.
프리젠테이션 정보
1. 프리젠테이션을 위한 학생의 수준은 대학생-고3(K-12) 수준으로 기준으로 합니다.
✔  프리젠테이션은 다음 중 하나의 유형이어야 합니다.
✔  일반적인 워크샵(50분)
✔  Pecha-Kucha(6:40초)–20개의 이미지를 보여주며 20초동안 설명하는 방식입니다. 
✔  포스터 발표 – 포스터 발표물을 가지고 보여주며 발표합니다.

2. 발표계획서의 주제는 흥미로운 것일 수록 좋습니다. 요약된 형태로 문단식으로 적되, 200단어 정도의 내용이 들어가도록 합니다.