Monday, May 9, 2011

KOTESOL 2011 National Conference update

KOTESOL 2011 National Conference update from Jure Majnaric on the KOTESOL Facebook page.

Good morning everyone,

There are a few updates in regards to the 2011 National Conference that I would like you to know about. First, here is a link to the schedule a few of you have been asking for:

Pre-registration closes in a few days - if you haven't done so yet, please pre-register for the conference here:

This is a great time to become a KOTESOL member and pre-register, as the "new member" combined cost for both is only 50,000 Won (regular price of membership is 40,000 Won)! Spread the word, and invite your friends!

More information about the conference can be found on our website:

Finally, for those with Twitter acounts, please follow us on Twitter:

Thank you, and see you at the conference this Saturday!

KOTESOL 2011 National Conference Publicity

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