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Seoul Chapter February 19, 2011 Mini-workshop and Ideas Sharing Session

Saturday February 19, 2011 Seoul Chapter KOTESOL
Room 105 Injaeguan Center, Sookmyung Women's University
Directions: See below
Mini-workshop and Ideas Sharing Session
Hour One 3-4 pm (may run longer)
English Incorporated:
A job-based model of Classroom Management

A trio of typical jobs in a Korean class might include, Class Captain, Multimedia specialist and Lunch Servers. Imagine adding Bankers, Organizers, Graders and Attendance Takers to the mix. This workshop is applicable for teachers of elementary to college age students. Through discussion, a question and answer session, and handouts, attendees will learn about this extensive classroom management model which builds student autonomy and responsibility as students assume part ownership of the class. Students are encouraged and expected to maintain and submit attendance records, class records, and grade short quizzes. In return, they earn ‘classroom money’ which can be used to purchase benefits such as good seats, and other small items. The teacher is the facilitator of the system, which saves time, resources and builds a culture of motivation in the classroom.
HyoSeon Hong, a senior student at Cheongshim International Academy will be attending Stanford University in the fall of 2011. HyoSeon has lived in the United States for six years before returning to Korea just 3 years ago. She is interested in child education, psychology, communication, and learning languages. HyoSeon is the author of two books, The One Hour Student and The Udderly Simple Guide to Moo-t Court. She has participated actively in forensics, namely debate, Mock Trial, Moot Court competitions, Model United Nations, and speech competitions.
Hyunjin Hong, a freshman student at Cheongshim International Academy is the brother of HyoSeon Hong, and has lived abroad in the United States for six years. He is interested in literature, social sciences, chemistry, biology, and is an avid sports lover. He has been participating in diverse forensics activities, including Debate, Mock Trial competitions, and Model United Nations.
Hour Two 4-5 pm (or at the conclusion of the mini-workshop)
Ideas Sharing Session
Attendees are encouraged to share ideas that they have used in the classroom. Each person has a maximum of
five minutes, if required, to describe their idea.

Directions to Injaeguan Center

Go out Exit 10 of Sookmyung Women’s University Subway Station line No. 4. Walk through the tunnel under the railway line, cross the main road, and walk up the hill towards the university.
Keep going up the hill until you come to a set of traffic lights. There is a bakery on the corner, BBang Goom Teo, and a cafĂ©, Can More, across the street. Turn right into the lane, Saem-gil, and walk uphill until you reach the Sookmyung Professional Center (Injaeguan). It’s a new grey brick building on the right, across the lane from a Buy the Way convenience store. It's on the first floor room # 105.
Note: The Sookmyung Professional Center is not on the main campus. If you reach the main campus, you have gone too far up the hill. If you cannot find the building, phone one of these numbers for directions.
010-6745-0717 (Don), 010 5584 5332 (Bruce)

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